Looking for a free blank calendar template? We have tons of them! We offer blank calendar templates in Microsoft Publisher, the absolute best program for calendars, resumes, newsletters, and other template-based printing!

We recently created this website because our main site already has too many templates. We should have most of our calendar templates on this website by the middle of April. In the meantime, visit our Printable Certificate Templates website for templates to create your own resumes, certificates, and awards.

Our templates offer calendars in four different formats – monthly, yearly, vertical, and horizontal. Monthly calendars display one month per page. Yearly calendars show all twelve months on one single page. Vertical calendars are narrow and long. Horizontal calendars and wide and short. If you’re not sure which type of free blank calendar template you’re looking for, visit our Calendar Format web page.

Monthly Calendar Templates

Yearly Calendar Templates

Vertical Calendar Templates

Horizontal Calendar Templates